Planned Preventative Maintenance


Maintain optimum performance and reduce the possibility of your commercial catering equipment breaking down by taking advantage of our popular Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contracts. Clients including the largest pub chains in the UK,  leading household names on the High Street and numerous private and public sector customers already count on our services. If something goes wrong, they rely on our fast response, nationwide coverage and dedication to achieving the highest first-time fix rates.   But it doesn’t always need to go that far. With PPM you can often prevent issues from occurring before they become a problem, and that saves both time and money.

Here’s why you should consider a PPM for your business:

  • Improves equipment efficiency and saves on energy and running costs.  As an example, a split door seal on a commercial refrigeration cabinet can use up to 11% more energy than normal.
  • Identifies any potential component failures, to minimise the chances of your catering equipment failing and the resulting downtime/loss of revenue.
  • Ensures your catering equipment and premises comply with important Health & Safety requirements such as Gas Safety Regulations.
  • Provides you with a detailed condition report identifying any items of equipment that may need replacing or refurbishing, which you can use for future budgeting. This helps with forward planning for the future needs of the business.
  • Identifies any operational bad practices which could damage your commercial equipment or invalidate the warranty.
  • Checks that the ventilation system is working efficiently, being adequately maintained and that there is no risk of dangerous fumes in the kitchen.
  • Helps to ensure that staff operatives are buying into a cleaning/maintenance regime, avoiding the cost of unnecessary component failure.
  • Checks to ensure that the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines are being implemented, avoiding chargeable warranty calls.
  • Highlights any apparent risks with regard to the general operation of the kitchen and the preparation and serving of food.
  • Proven to extend the lifetime of the equipment protecting the return on your investment.

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