BIM at Airedale

BIM At Airedale

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is revolutionising the way in which all commercial construction projects are being designed and ultimately delivered.  This is particularly the case in all public sector new build projects such as Education and Hospitals, as per the Government Mandate that came into effect in April 2016.  

What are the “Maturity Levels?”



“Maturity Levels,” “Level 1,” “Level 2” are fast becoming buzzwords or phrases in the wider commercial design industry.  This is best explained using “the Wedge” illustration of the Bew-Richards Maturity Model (above).   The most significant stage currently is Level 2, as that is the Government-mandated requirement for public sector projects.  There are many resources available online for anyone wishing to read more about the Bew-Richards Maturity Model, including this excellent article from the NBS.

What are we doing here at Airedale?

Commercial catering design and in particular commercial kitchen design is at the core of our services here at Airedale, with over 75% of our projects being specified and designed by our 12-strong design team.    As befits a market-leading company, we have invested heavily in both the software and personnel to propel us to the forefront of BIM provision, employing our own BIM Manager and BIM Coordinator.

We are aware of the many challenges the wider construction industry faces in relation to BIM adoption, ranging from the costs to a relative lack of understanding of the benefits of BIM for client operators. Another problem in the space is “BIMwash,” which you can read about further here, that is affecting confidence in the approach.

However, in the past year alone we have worked collaboratively with main contractors’ Design and BIM Managers, project architects and increasingly our own private sector clients on an ever-increasing number of commercial catering projects.   In the spirit of cooperation, all parties can continue to broaden their own understanding of BIM.

If you are a Design or BIM Manager and your project’s BIM Implementation Plan (BIP) requires the commercial kitchen to be delivered to Level Two, please contact our own BIM Manager today using the contact forms below.   We are more than happy to conduct COBie exercises or other preferred methods you have in place to quantify our belief that we are at the forefront of BIM within our industry.

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Client Testimonials

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